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Hard to believe, but true: in 2018, Noise Appeal Records turns 15, marking an unbelievably long, but intense time. Artists came and went, just like acquaintances and business partners did. What came to stay was some grey hair, just like the label itself. And it’s still a big part of my life.
I often get asked how long I want to continue doing this „side job“, to which I reply that I’ll do it as long as there’s a breath in me. Maybe it’s because my point of view is different. To me, my „normal“ job is actually my side job, which helps me fund my life, and Noise Appeal Records is a part of that.
Unfortunately, I have to say, it’s still not the main part. It was and still is my dream to one day have the label as my „normal“ job. ‚You’re a dreamer‘ is what I hear quite often when I share this wish, adding that it wouldn’t be the same if it really was my only job, forcing you to bend over backwards, pushing the artistic aspect into the background. This I don’t and don’t want to believe. Because, even if that’s true – nothing worse shall ever happen.
But back to the start. Noise Appeal Records turns 15, which has to be celebrated. But how? When we turned 10, a dream came true when I was able to work with one of my all-time favorite artists, Hans Platzgumer, and put together and release the „HP Zinker 7inch“ box.
So what is more obvious than releasing another 7“ box with one of my favorite artists? Well, it’s not a box, but a 7“ club subscription with 24 artists that walked alongside Noise Appeal Records during those 15 years, and influenced, accompanied and impressed me with their following projects, side gigs and new and unknown ways.
Who these artists are and who shares which single with whom will be revealed here shortly. But for now, step by step. After all, we want some suspense, don’t we? We will have 100 subscriptions, not more. 12×7“, one band per side, 24 songs in total in black as well as colorful vinyl. Silkscreen covers and a download code for the last single, which allows you to load all songs onto your pc, phone or mp3 player.
But: this project wouldn’t be possible without your help. And if I wasn’t myself I would have used established crowdfunding platforms, but as you know, that’s not my style. My style is DIY or more DIWF, which means „do it with friends“. In my case this friend is Michael (DSGN/CDE), who’s been with me for quite a while and kindly designed a website. Which is also the only place you will be able to get this subscription and pay it upfront. To save shipping fees, we will ship four times a year, three singles per shipping. If you prefer, you can also pick up your orders yourself!
I am really looking forward to share a lot of new and old music with you next year. Music always meant the world to me and hopefully, to you too, starting 2018.
Noise Appeal Records


kreisky fotograf Ingo Pertramer
Its been a few years when I was driving in my car, listening to a song on radio FM4. It wasn’t any kind of song, it was a kind of rough I didn’t expect from a radio station during the daytime. It hit me straight in the face and at first, I thought it was Surrogat from Berlin, but it wasn’t. It was Kreisky from Vienna. Close, but no cigar.
Kreisky became one of my favorite bands from Austria. Of course besides the bands I already released on Noise Appeal Records. So far I was not able to release a song of Kreisky, even if there were plenty of connections between us. Kreisky where sharing a 7” with The Striggles (former Noise Appeal-band) on their “Schiizo-Box”-project and also played the same stages. Martin, who plays guitar in Kreisky released his very own band Couscous on Noise Appeal Records.
In the end, it was just a matter of time when Kreisky and myself would collaborate for a special project. Now we finally did just that: shortly before Kreisky is going to release their new album (Wohnzimmer Records), an outtake of the recording session for the album called “Das Fleisch wird knapp” is going to be on single number four of the 15th anniversary singles club.
And what can I say about the song? It’s Noiserock-bomb as you would expect it from Kreisky. 4 Minutes and 23 Minutes of pure Kreisky-madness. It makes me happy and it will certainly make you happy as well.
Franz Adrian Wenzl: Stimme, Orgel, Synthesizer, Martin Max Offenhuber: Gitarre, Chor, Gregor Tischberger: Bass, Chor, Klaus Mitter: Schlagzeug, Chor
Produziert von Kreisky, Musik: Kreisky, Text: Franz Adrian Wenzl
Aufnahme: Gregor Tischberger & Matthias Kastner, GoldlackStudio, Wien, Jänner & Juli 2016, Editing: Martin Max Offenhuber, Mix: Alex ‚Feia‘ Tomann, Beat4Feet-Studio, Wien, Juni 2017, Mastering: Martin Scheer, Oktober 2017
As I mentioned before, I will get back to Michael and Peter once more during the presentation of the 15th anniversary 7”-club. When United Movement stopped to be active and we lost contact, I didn’t expect what will come after that. I think it was somewhere in late 2009 when I heard about a new band in Vienna. It was a four-piece, an Instrumental Post-Whatever-Dance-Rock-band. The band of Michael and Peter. They formed it with Gunther and Werner – two drums, two guitars, using synths every now and then. I had no idea what to expect, so I took the first chance to go to one of their concerts and it totally blew my mind. The precession and dynamics paired with the drive was unbelievable. Yes, it was a Noiserock-band, but also a Dance-band as well. They created something very unique – not just their constellation and outfits were special, the music was something else as well. It united Rock-sounds and Dance-minimalistics in a perfect way.
Not much later we met at a bar in Vienna and started talking about a collaboration, to reunite Peter, Michael and myself again. As Werner and Gunther gave their ok as well, we “signed” a contract for their debut album “Power”, which took us another two years, until 2012, to be released. And what was a masterpiece back then, is still one to this day.
Sadly, it didn’t get as successful as it would have deserved and neither did the band. Maybe “Sex On The Beach” wasn’t the best name for a band? Maybe. But as many circles are closing in this anniversary project, I am very happy to release “Together In Motion”, one of the very last SOTB-songs ever recorded, in honor of a band that is no more. And I am still bummed about it.


All Songs written and performed by  The Russian, Master T, Romero III and Buffalo Perfect
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Valentin Langer
|Phil.> has been part of the Austrian underground-music-scene and DIY culture for ages. Always connected to one of the most important and autonomous culture places of Austria, the KAPU in Linz. As I myself am a „child of the 90’s“, the century I grew up and received my musical education, I remember times when bands like Deadzibel, Strahler 80, Kurort, Flowers In Concrete and many more were sharing stages. When people like me got to see that music can be much more than just music, that music can be a statement and can make a decision for you. The decision what human being you want to be. I’m very thankful that I was able to spend my youth in these times. And I’m very thankful that |Phil.> is now part of my labels 15th anniversary singles club. Normally, he is known for hard rocking bands, right now (and since 1998) in „Porn To Hula“. Guess what? That’s another anniversary. Besides the heavy guitars and the stamping beats, he has a huge talent for songs that are reduced to point. Using a guitar, some beats and a bass-guitar is everything you need to get the acoustic version of „Intoxicated“. It’s his very own orchestra, a laptop-sound-community also known as the „Phil Sicko Orchestra“ and underlined by his great voice, reminding the listener of the good old 70s. When the transverse flute slowly starts to overtake the melody of „Intoxicated“, you begin to feel hearted, warm and welcomed. You’re home. The feeling of the past and the vibe of the present, that’s what it is!
Another friend of mine with whom I walk the path together for years is Martin. I think Martin and I became friends when he got in touch with me for the third LEHNEN record, “I See Your Shadow”. Back then, it didn’t work out to join forces, but it luckily did for their fourth record, “Reaching Over Ice And Waves”. Besides LEHNEN, Martin also had a band called “THE WHO THE WHAT THE YEAH” and I was and still am a very big fan of them, even if they broke up long ago. Or did they?! Their energy great German lyrics caught me immediately. As we know that age and life is slowing some of us down a bit, Martin started his solo-project “DIAMOND SEAS” in 2016. He wanted to bring his very own musical vision to life and produced his first songs by himself. Doesn’t mean just his voice and a guitar and also not the classical singer-song-writer-setup. It was more from the very beginning and I had the honor to accompany the development of “DIAMOND SEAS” right from the start. I could see amd hear the sound growing. What brings us back to the present. The “DIAMOND SEAS” track for the 15th Noise Appeal anniversary singles club is called “I don’t think so” and will be release on single number two, which is where he will be joining Michael Hanisch. If you think that this is going to be a quiet Singer-Song-Writer split 7”, you are completely wrong. “I don’t think so” is a rock song played from a trio-band-setting. Guitar, bass and drums. Straight away. And while it reminds me a bit of “THE WHO THE WHAT THE YEAH”, it is still totally independent. Martin is asking the questions all of us music addicts have in our heads: “Will we ever get tired of strumming chords and singing out loud?” The answer to this question is easy: “I don’t think so”. It’s the answer, it’s our life, so: we don’t think so as well! So, I’m pretty sure, that I will still release records when celebrating the 20th anniversary of Noise Appeal Records. And I am certain that Martin will still be a part of my life as well. Looking forward to cheers with him again. Doesn’t matters if we celebrate an anniversary or just “sing out loud”!
Martin Konvicka – Guitar, Vocals
Christian Kisler – Guitar, Bass
Tobias Wurscher – Drums, Mix
lyrics: Martin Konvicka / music: diamond seas
Photo: Georg Cizek Graf   
I have known Michael since 2004. I still remember the day we met at Chelsea in Vienna in early 2004 to talk about releasing a record of “United Movement”, the band he played drums in back in the days. “United Movement” has been a beast of a band – loud and rough, extensive but danceable. Simply great Noise-Rock. His partner in crime was Peter who then became a very good friend of mine and a temporarily Noise Appeal Records partner. Michael’s and Peter’s musical way was a twisting one and I am sure I will come back to this later on in this 15th anniversary project.
As I said before, I have known Michael for a very long time and as he is couple of years younger than I am, I could see him getting older and developing his personal life. He is an unbelievable talented person, one of the most creative people I know, and of course, an unbelievably great drummer. A drummer with punch and more important, with groove. He is a great graphic designer. He simply walks his way of choice. Admiration. Full point.
„Songs Of The Night“ by Michael Hanisch is the third song (and artist) I want to introduce to you. It will appear on single #2. After having couple of band (-projects) Michael started to strip his musical output to the bone. No drums. No electric-guitars. No bass. No drums. A guitar and his voice. It’s been a couple of month since he send me a few songs he recorded alone in his living room – composing, writing and recording all done by himself. We were talking about the songs and I shared my opinion. I liked and loved them all. That’s why I asked Michael if he wants to join my label’s anniversary project with one of his songs. And luckily, he said yes.
So all of you who are going to subscribe to this project will receive „Songs Of The Night“ by Michael Hanisch soon on single #2. „Americana“, but without hair grease and brand-fetish. Keep your eyes and ears open, because I am pretty sure that Michael will go public with his very personal songs soon – his own railroad tracks.
It was 1992 or 1993 when one of my oldest friends Martin played me a song called „Sunshine“ for the first time. The band that performed the song was called “HP ZINKER” and listening to them and this song, I knew it would stay with me forever. During the following weeks I started looking for HP ZINKER records and I bought the first one I could find. The album was called „Hovering” and guess what? It was another great song and another great moment, this time called „Das Testament“ – 13 minutes and 45 seconds long, a hell of a ride and a monster of a song. And me? I fell in love. In love with “HP ZINKER”. In love with „Das Testament“. I remember a day when I was walking through my hometown in Styria and suddenly saw poster: “HP ZINKER” live at the „Theatro“ in Graz. It was the one and only time I was able to see “HP ZINKER”, back in 1994 or 95, during what unfortunately was their last tour I think. In 1995, they broke up.
A quick leap in time. About five years ago, somewhere in 2012 when I started to plan the 10th anniversary of Noise Appeal Records, Hans Platzgumer and I met at the “Cafe Westend” in Vienna. Before that meeting I wrote him to explain my idea for the “HP Zinker 1989-1994 Singles Box“ that I would like to release for the 10th anniversary. What happened next, I could have never dreamed. He replied right away and so, we met up. As far as I remember I was quite nervous to meet one of my teenage idols, but honestly? It was just a great talk, a wonderful time during which I was told a couple of funny stories. It truly was one of the most special moments in my life. So, as you know, the Singles Box became reality and to this day, I am still very proud of it and happy that it worked out the way it did.
Another leap in time to another anniversary. Another time “HP ZINKER”. Through the course of the last years, since the first time Hans and I spoke, we got in touch every now and then. E-Mails or meetings at one of his readings in Vienna. So it was clear to me that I would be asking him once more if there was some kind of treasure hidden away in his archives, of course regarding HP ZINKER! And well, there was! There have been some not that serious attempts to reunite “HP ZINKE”R in the early 2000s, but as we know now, it didn’t quite work out. But one thing is left. A new version of „Warzone City“, which we simply called „Warzone City 20k“. It will appear on the first 7“ of the 15th anniversary singles club and you can’t imagine how happy I am and I hope you will be too!
As the first act of the 15th anniversary 7“ club, I want to introduce you to a very old friend of the label and myself, to Chris Magerl. I saw him perform live for the very first time in the mid/late 90s in Eggersdorf (Styria). I can’t quite remember if he already played with his band “Sick Of Silence” or with his pre-project. But it actually doesn’t really matter.
Together we went through the years of Hardcore/Punk in Graz and Styria and I was able to witness how focused Chris was in making music. He had one goal and did everything to reach it. He toured through Europe and the States, recorded and improved his skills on a daily basis and evolved with his band “Sick Of Silence” and became an incredibly unique Hardcore/Punk-four-piece.
When Marion, my partner in crime in the early days of Noise Appeal Records, and I were thinking about a second release, we immediately thought about a new record from “Sick Of Silence”, but while we discussed this topic with the band, the band itself split up.
But as active as Chris always has been, he brought his very new project to the table, called Once Tasted Life”, an emo band in the vein of “Weakerthans”. Together with my friends Gerfried (from the “Plague Mass”), Stevie (whom I played with in “True Illusion”) and the former “Sick Of Silence” drummer Felix. And what to say? It pierced right through my heart. That’s when we decided to release the first EP of “Once Tasted Life”, called „Fallow Fields Of Hope“. It got released on June 26th, 2003 and was the second release of Noise Appeal Records. Fun Fact: so far it’s still the best sold record ever. We produced a circulation of 1.100 copies and nearly all of them are gone by now. Some few copies are still left, so if you’re interested, you are more than welcome to order it and own a piece of our history.
As time passes and friends are coming, staying or leaving, “Once Tasted Life” broke up after a few years, some tours and records. And what did Chris do? He kept moving, as Chris Magerl, and most of the time as a solo-artist. Just him and an acoustic guitar, some times with a band’s support. So when I started to work on the project of the 15th anniversary 7“-club, I asked him if he had some never released recordings for me to put on the singles-club. And, luckily, he had. The song is called „The House Always Wins“, and the music and the songs’ lyrics captured me totally. It is so present and so true. It is – even if the music is a bit more quite – more Punk than most of today’s so called punkrock-bands. The message is clear. There’s nothing hidden and no sarcastic meaning. Just the truth, right in your face, delivered in a great emotional live-performance, making the sadness of nowadays critical condition of the planet audible in every second. Listening to the song for the first time, I had tears in my eyes and I am sure, so will you.
Chris is going to be one of two artists who will appear on the first 7“ of the club. With a live-version of „The House Always Wins“, recorded on April 4th, 2017 at the „Sofar Sound Sessions“ in Graz. It was by the way the first time ever Chris played this song in front of an audience. So this one is really, really special!
Recorded recorded live by rene pettinger, eps records
Photo by


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